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So I'm a 40 something stay at home mum to an equally mad dolly daughter. We have two gorgeous pups: Lily - Rose a lovely Little Yorkshire Terrier and Oliver Twist an adorable Papillion. Also two crazy cat sisters Artemis and Luna. Plus we now have a little grey tabby called Diana completing our moon kitties.
Recently our little Lily-Rose gave birth to five healthy puppies.

My DD reintroduced me back into the world of roleplaying. I used to love this when younger and have really gotten caught up in the Sherlock Fandom - I love, Sherlock and always have tho' this latest BBC adaptation is so very yummy. Though not the be all and end all sorry just this old birds opinion. So I have found the Greek Mythology fandom and love it there. I have many Greek blogs so will update my RP blog list at some point not that any of you lovely people are really that interested in my ramblings.
This blog is where I drool at pics of lovely young men, who would never look twice at me and a few old men who would probably do the same. So if you need to contact me you can do it here or via one of my many RP blogs that you can find on my RP page.

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Oct 31
Happy Halloween.

Happy Halloween.

Mar 15


OOC: Ollie and Lily while we wait for the bus home!